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a huge march for andy lopez. he is the 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. ktvu channel 2 reporter aleck savage there at the memorial for andy lopez and alex we understand that groups from outside the area now planning to take part today. >> reporter: yeah we did just learn that occupy oakland is in fact planning to bus people from the plaza up here to santa rosa to take part in the large march later on today in the area. there's a growing sense of frustration in the community over the shooting of lopez which happened right here in the field. and you can see a memorial is growing in this area. hundreds are expected to march later on today to protest this deadly shooting of the 13-year- old boy by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. at about noon the march will wind up at the sonoma county sheriff's department offices on ventura avenue. now county offices, city hall, and the courthouse will all close at lunchtime in response to what is expected to be the largest demonstration yet over last week's shooting. the middle school student was shot seven time
but hope to have updates later,. >> there is new information about the shooting death of andy lopez there. he was shot to death by a sheriff's deputy while holding a bb gun that looked like an assault weapon, investigators say he was already mortarrally wounded by the time a second deputy got into position, they say this explains why only one fired shots at the teen. that has been one of the big questions surrounding this case. >>> also last night hundreds of people went to andy lopez's funeral in santa rosa. some family members were obviously overcome with grief. they prayed around his casket. the family had support and sympathy of the people. >> it was sad, my mom didn't know him and started crying and my lady and even if you knew him or not. >> i guess they are safe, they are supposed to be out here protecting the servant. >> last night's funeral followed another day of protest. >>> this is what it was like earlier in the day, a thousand people marching to the sheriff's office to protest the shooting and deputies there stood guard behind barricades and on the roof of the sheriff's head
questions in santa rosa about the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed andy lopez. the san francisco chronicle says the deputy told investigators he didn't remember if he identified himself as an officer before shooting lopez. lopez was holding a bb gun that looked like an ak-47 assault rifle. the deputy says he thought it was a real gun and feared for his life. >>> a marin county jury found a teenager max wade guilty of stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini, they deliberated for eight hours, the jury convicted wade of auto theft, possessing a stolen car, and the more serious crimes of attempted murder and firing shots into an occupied car. wade is 19 years old. he was 17 at the time. prosecutors say he fired those shots at a young mandating a girl he liked. wade was found note guilty of trying to girl the girl, the mother said i wish he put that effort into something more positive. wade will be sentenced in december. >> the police chief said he is not immune to crime, someone broke into his car there, the chief said the thief took a jacket. that case remains unsolved. >>> later to
. last week sheriffs deputy eric shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez who was holding a toy gun that resembled an assault rifle. lopez's family will file a lawsuit in san francisco federal court today against sonoma county. they are also planning a news conference about their case on monday. >>> time 6:11. e on carrillo due in court this morning. carrillo has apologized for his behavior and said he is in treatment for alcoholism. there have been calls for carrillo to resign but he says he has no plans to step down. >>> time is 6:11. two children found abandoned inside of a car in milpitas. how they are doing now. what happened to their father and the charges he now faces. >>> and are you ready to ski or board? here's the news you have been waiting for. >>> good morning. right now we are looking at the commutes and you can see the people are getting on the road but its a gradual buildup. >>> its clear. there is some fog off the coast. it will make it? yes but probably not until the weekend. today looks good. we'll have those forecasted highs coming up. ♪ yeah, i dream about bac
. 13-year-old andy lopez was killed while carrying a toy gun. the civil rights lawsuit claims the sheriffs department encourages the use of deadly force even when there is no threat to public safety. the sheriffs office says in response this investigation is still in its early stages and calls the lawsuit premature. >>> there are new developments in the fight to stop one of the biggest evictions in san francisco history. the examiner reports the city has suspended a permit for renovations to an apartment building on market street. the building was being converted into office space after the city says it was not zoned for residential use. dozens of people who live in the building still face eviction despite the suspension of the permit. >>> time is 6:07. there may soon be one ballpark for the bay area's two big league baseball teams. ktvu alex savidge is joining us live from at & t park to tell us why the oakland a's may be moving across the bay. >> reporter: a's fans i'm talking to them this morning. they hope its not true. they don't want to watch their team playing across th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5